Remedial Training

Luna's behavior has regressed a bit over the last six months. Shorter walks on the leash and less frequent longer walks or even off leash time due to my work schedule or the weather has not been helpful. So the last few days I've taken her for shorter five to six mile outings with playmates for social time and also for some one on one training.  I took Luna out early to Shotover so I could work on her off leash recall. Needless to say it needs more work. Overall she behaved very well. The recall got better after she burned off some energy. I know she will get better with more practice! In the meantime I'm trying to figure out where I will go for our next long walk.

East of Headington Circular Walk

  Distance: 24.81 km (15.42 miles) I planed on doing a slight alteration to my walk that I did twice last year. Once with Luna and another time with Sam and Xio .  This time I walked with my mate Lionel and his Husky Loki.  Loki and Luna are best mates.  I thought that instead of going up to the Wheatley Windmill this time we would take a different route from Denton into Cuddesdon going up Castle Hill which has some splendid views. Lionel knew of another area that I've not been to from Castle Hill so the walk became slightly longer which was brilliant! 05:30 Luna is anxiously waiting outside of Loki's place. She knows where she is and why we are there! Sunrise in Shotover County Park Oxford Greenbelt Way heading towards Garsington Luna and Loki They both smell the deer that were there Sheep at Upper Farm near Garsington You can see the Mini Factory in the distance Still here after a year! Garsington Field near Upper Farm, Garsington Luna is having a good time. Near Scholarswel